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We are a thriving regional recruitment consultancy with national reach and great local knowledge


GB Solutions was founded 17 years ago, so we know a thing or two about recruitment; we are adept at managing ever changing employment trends.

Based on the M5, within easy reach of Bristol, Birmingham and Swindon corridor, we have a committed team of recruitment consultants eager to match jobseekers from graduates through to Executive level. Each employment division has a dedicated team of specialists who know their sector inside-out, these include: Office,  Finance, MarketingIT and Technology, and Sales & Service.

If you’re looking for a specialist recruitment partner you can depend on, you’re definitely in the right place.


Hiring new staff…

We are an extension of your HR team, providing expert recruitment support, saving you money and manpower. We invest in the most up-to-date and market relevant databases which, enable us to drill down and access the most sought after skill sets. 

We alleviate your time pressures by only sending you the very best, most relevant CV’s and handling all interview scheduling on your behalf and for temporary staff we manage all references, management and payroll. Search for job seekers here

Finding a job

We are an extension of your professional network, your own personal job board. We do the hard work to give you access to a wider variety of job vacancies you wouldn’t otherwise see or apply for. We speak on your behalf with employers, help with your CV, prepare you for interview, negotiate the offer and support you every step of the way. Try our job browser here to search for your next career step.

Thank you Georgia. Getting back into this whole job hunting world would be a much more stressful and frustrating experience without having someone as lovely as you to help me through it all.

Ray Candidate

Meet the team

Sue Waters works at GB Marketing, a recruitment agency in Gloucestershire. Sue stands in front of a tree, wearing a navy blue blouse smiling at the camera

Sue Waters

Alex Calouri works at GB Office, a recruitment agency in Gloucestershire. Alex leans against a brick wall, smiling, wearing a navy blue suit

Alex Caluori

Danni Young works at GB Finance, a recruitment agency in Gloucestershire. Danni leans against a brick wall, smiling, wearing a green shirt and grey cardigan

Danni Young

Recruitment news and advice

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Brexit – GB Solutions will be here to support your needs

After the initial shock of this historic decision, political and economic fall out, I purposely resisted a knee jerk reaction. Having watched events unfold, there are so many questions covering the political, economic and social landscapes it is difficult to know where to begin. So I chose to focus on how the vote leave might


Benefits of using Freelancers, Contractors & Temporary Workers

Whether replacing or just needing an extra pair of hands on a new campaign, or someone to help you go social, the costs can sometimes have too big an impact on your business overheads. Considering the benefits of contractors, part-timers and temporary marketing staff could save you thousands… The Benefits of Freelancers Flexible and cost effective

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Top 10 LinkedIn Tips

Love it or hate it you can’t do without it! Since its launch in 2003 Linkedin has become the facebook for business life and is the go-to place for recruitment and jobsearches alike. So, why is LinkedIn so important? From a recruiters point of view LinkedIn is one of the first places recruiters start looking