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We are an extension of your HR team, providing expert recruitment support, saving you money and manpower. We invest in the most up-to-date and market relevant databases which, enable us to drill down and access the most sought-after skill sets. 

We alleviate your time pressures by only sending you the very best, most relevant CV’s and handling all interview schedules on your behalf and for temporary staff, we manage all references, management and payroll. Search for job seekers here

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We are an extension of your professional network, your own personal job board. We do the hard work to give you access to a wider variety of job vacancies you wouldn’t otherwise see or apply for. We speak on your behalf with employers, help with your CV, prepare you for interview, negotiate the offer and support you every step of the way. Try our job browser here to search for your next career step.

[Danni] Once again a big thank you to both yourself and GB Solutions for providing me with the placement, it was a huge help

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personal profile

How to write a personal profile for your CV

A personal profile is essentially the introduction to your CV. It acts as an insight into what you’re all about. This is your golden opportunity to promote yourself, so make it count! If you think of the back of a DVD case, or the blurb of a book, you will find that the small paragraph

5 great tips on how to write a CV

Five great tips on how to write your CV

Your CV hopefully portrays an accurate, detailed and relevant insight into your work life to date.  It should also demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and experience to apply for the job. This is a great starting point. However, don’t think you’re alone in applying for this job. You could potentially be competing against hundreds,

great interview

How to conduct a great interview

You’ve completed the job description, got HR’s approval, sifted through the CV’s. Maybe you’ve even completed your telephone interview’s but now comes the big event – the face to face Interview. We’ve put together a few helpful tips on how to conduct a great interview and get the best out of your prospective candidates. Ask