25 days of Christmas…

December is finally here! Why does it feel like we’ve been waiting all year for December to come around? (Some of us in the office have…aka, me!)

With December comes Christmas, with Christmas comes parties, decorations, festive food and much more. Whether you like Christmas or not, we have put together our 25 top tips for both candidates and clients, for those looking for roles and those looking to hire. We want to spread our Christmas cheer, even to those who aren’t in yet in the Christmas spirit…


  • Join a recruitment agency
  • Update your CV
  • Put some goals in place; ie. Apply for 5 jobs per day
  • Try not to stress
  • Make sure you research the company you’re interviewing with
  • If you must do a presentation make sure you practise
  • If you will have to complete tests, make sure you do some mocks
  • Update your Linkedin profile
  • If possible, make yourself available on Linkedin
  • Try some mock interview questions
  • Think of examples for competency-based questions
  • Ask the interviewer questions


  • Save time and money by using a Recruitment Agency
  • Send us your job spec so we can make it appealing in a job ad
  • Advertise for roles over Christmas – people are still looking for jobs
  • Consider hiring a Christmas Temp
  • Plan your recruitment strategy to save time
  • Reassess the benefits package you offer
  • Pre-screen candidates (we can do this for you)
  • Ask for real-life examples
  • Don’t write someone off for being nervous in the interview
  • Consider hiring contractors read more here
  • Be careful when looking at a candidates social media read more here
  • Look at offering flexible working – read more here


Whether candidate or client, enjoy any time off you have over Christmas 😊