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6 Myths of Recruitment Agencies

Tess,   10th September 2018

6 Myths of Recruitment Agencies

Thought you knew everything there is to know about recruitment agencies? Chances are, you’re believing a myth or two! We’ve collected the top 6 myths of recruitment agencies and we’re here to bust them.

1. Recruitment agencies take a % of your salary

One of the most common myths of recruitment agencies is that they take a percentage of your salary, which could explain why it’s perceived to be better to apply direct. Thankfully this isn’t true! Recruitment agencies generate an income through fees which are charged to the client, not the candidate, so you can rest assured your pay will not be affected.

2. They only have low paid, low skilled jobs

One disheartening myth is that agencies only support low skilled people and only offer low skilled jobs. We’re not too sure where this perception formed but can confirm it’s a myth! Most agencies will have jobs that vary across skill level and pay. From entry level roles to senior manager positions, there is something for everyone.

As a job seeker, we recommend looking for agencies that have jobs at the level you are looking for. Make it clear the salary you are seeking and the level of responsibility you are after, then watch the interview role in!

3. It costs to join an agency

It’s free! If it isn’t, don’t join them.

4. You can only join one agency

Wrong! As they’re free to register with, join as many agencies as you like. Don’t go wild though and join every agency available, be selective.

Your consultant at the agency will be the one who represents you so it’s important that you are represented by someone who you can trust, who will present you in the best light and who has your interests at heart.

5. They can’t help me 

Think a recruitment agency can’t really help you? Think again. Agencies don’t just help you find jobs, they optimise your employability. For instance, GB Solutions offers free CV writing, interview prep and career advice!

So even if you think an agency can’t find you your dream job, register with one that does provide free additional services. It will save you money and benefit you in the long run!

6. Recruiters only care about money

A good recruiter will care about you. The tell-tale sign that they don’t? They won’t listen to your needs.

When choosing a recruitment agency, pick one that has your interests at heart and who is willing to invest their time in you. A good recruiter = A better job seeking experience.

The GB Solutions team don’t place candidates in any old job. They listen to their candidates requirements, support them throughout the job seeking process and continue to support them once they have started their dream role. Our team are a friendly bunch and they’re passionate about helping you, so drop us a message or pop by for a cuppa and a chat!

Now that we’ve busted the most common myths of recruitment agencies, we hope you view them in a greater light! If you’re interested in joining an agency that has an excellent selection of jobs, that will support you in the long-run and that offers additional career services, register with us today!