Baby Sofia is Born

Since Lee joined our team in 2016, everything has been a crazy whirlwind. He married his one true love Olive in June 2017 and excitedly told us a few months later that they were expecting their first baby.

The GB Team were absolutely delighted and have enjoyed going through the pregnancy with them.

Lee has been a dedicated Dad to be, willingly attending all appointments and coming back to the office to tell us all about it. He was certainly prepared for everything!

After leaving work as normal on Monday, Lee was looking forward to sitting down to England’s first World Cup match, bump, however, had a different idea!

On 18th June at 7.43pm, Sofia Kaye Curry came into the world and changed her Mum and Dad’s worlds forever. Weighing a healthy 7lb, Sofia was a perfect bundle of gorgeousness and after disturbing her Dad’s football watching activities already – she’s setting her sights on ruling the house!

Baby Sofia Baby Sofia

From everyone at GB Solutions, we’d like to wish this beautiful family all the love in the world for their new chapter together.