Cheltenham Challenge – Bring Your Own Bottle

Reducing plastic has been a government campaign for years, but since David Attenborough pleaded to the audiences in the final Blue Planet II, it may not have really resonated with most.

His cry for us to see and understand what our use of plastic is doing to the environment really hit home. It’s had us talking about it in the office, sharing stories on Facebook and buying our own water bottles.

Eager not to continue impacting the environment, The GB Solutions Cheltenham Challenge have made big steps to ensure that they’re doing what they can to reduce plastic use starting with the 2018 event.

We aim that every 5k there is a water station for our runners, with the water generously donated by Water Cooler World

We’re usually as prepared as we can be with 100’s of plastic cups all lined up and filled with water ready for you to grab and run. This year, we’ve announced that we’re not going to use plastic cups…!

Water will still be readily available for you as always, but we’re asking you to bring your own bottle so we can fill you up this year. We know it’ll make the water stations a bit slower, but we think it’s worth it!


So, if you’re running this year, please remember to bring your own bottle!


If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! Visit Cheltenham Challenge and book your place today!

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