How to build your professional network

Building a professional network can feel daunting – especially when you’re just starting out in your career.

Build your professional network

Nonetheless, it can be extremely beneficial to build your professional network in the long run! As the saying goes it’s all about who you know, and knowing the right people could lead to exciting career opportunities.

CV-Library outlines its top tips for how to start building a strong professional network, and how you can use this to succeed in your career.

Be friendly

When you begin networking you need to think of these people as friends or a community – not just a connection. They key is to build your professional network through real and mutually beneficial relationships. So make yourself approachable and carefully select who you want to connect with.

Join networking sites Professional network

There are numerous online sites you can use to network with your peers and other professionals in your industry.

LinkedIn is a great place to start; it acts as an online CV whereby you can interact with professionals and search for jobs. Why not connect with our recruitment specialists to kick-start your network!

Alternatively, join online forums and discussions. If you are a recent graduate, your university may even have an online alumni network. We recommend researching the best sites to use for networking in your industry so you can make strong connections and keep up to date with trends.

Attend events

Nowadays we’re used to doing almost everything online, but it’s important you don’t underestimate the importance of face-to-face networking. Look for industry or recruitment events that you can attend. This will help you to meet like-minded professionals in person and to build stronger connections.

Talk to your colleaguesbuild your professional network

It might seem obvious, but your co-workers could end up being your most useful connections, even after you’ve left the company.

Take an interest in all areas across the business, not just those in your immediate team, and talk to people about what they do. Not only will this help you to build your professional network, it will create a strong and diverse network.

Don’t always take

It can feel like building a network is all about making connections that will benefit you in your career, but it’s not all about taking. You also need to give back and offer opportunities or advice to others. This will help you to build genuine connections with people, who may one day return the favour.

Final thoughts

Building a professional network is important, and you can continue to strengthen this throughout your career. Spend time attending events or getting involved in discussions about your industry, you may meet the key holder to your dream career!