Assistant Accountant

Sector: Finance

Reference: 36153

Expectations: £30000

Considered Locations: Gloucestershire

Skills & Experience:

● Leadership skills, recruiting, development and motivating individuals. Successfully leading teams to achieve demanding goals and invoice query resolution, predicting workload and processing levels for assessing the number of employees required to complete required tasks.
● Team building giving support and guidance to the teams that she has managed to ensure that they work well together helping with work load and cover for absences. A happy team is a productive team.
● Communication skills are excellent, dealing with team conflict, customer complaints, visiting other areas of the business to improve relation’s, meeting with customers and vendors to build relationships.
● Problem solving knowledge of SAP, Sage, Yardi and Microsoft applications has been imperative dealing with vendor and customer queries, resolving issues quickly and efficiently so that problems do not escalate and are within business rules and HMRC guidelines.

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