Customer Service

Availability: 2 weeks

Sector: Office

Reference: 22128

Expectations: £24,000

Considered Locations: Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham

Skills & Experience:

I’m an excellent listener and I am confident and professional when communicating verbally and in writing. I pride myself on maintaining excellent organisation skills. I ensure I am on top of deadlines whilst completing my tasks to the highest possible standard.
One of my most noticeable skills is the way I am approachable and relatable with everyone I meet. I am always making people feel at ease and comfortable when talking to them.
I have always been driven and determined to succeed in everything I do. Once I have a target to aim for, I will go to great lengths to attain said target at the optimal level possible.
I am very independent and love working alone, but I also thrive within a team environment. I am able to offer constructive and positive advice and multiple views to team discussions along with listening to other people’s voices and adjusting plans accordingly. I am always encouraging and supporting colleagues and helping them strive to get the best out of themselves.

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