Finance Business Partner

Sector: Finance

Reference: 120

Expectations: £55000

Considered Locations: Cheltenham/Gloucester/Stroud/Stonehouse/Tewkesbury

Skills & Experience:

This hardworking and initiative-taking accountant offers a wealth of experience and a versatile skill set that can significantly enhance any company’s financial operations. With a track record of driving cost savings, process improvements, and effective problem-solving, this candidate has a proven ability to make impactful decisions. They have successfully managed finance teams, implemented accounting systems, and created reporting processes, showcasing their adaptability to various accounting roles. Known for their ability to excel under pressure and meet tight deadlines, they are equally comfortable working independently or as part of a team. Notably, their creation of a sophisticated financial model led to securing crucial investments and loans during challenging times, demonstrating their strategic thinking and contribution to business continuity. This candidate brings a well-rounded and valuable skill set to any organisation.

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