Junior Developer

Sector: Technology

Reference: 28831

Expectations: £26,000

Considered Locations: Gloucestershire

Skills & Experience:

Has just completed a 2-year higher apprenticeship in cyber security, and is now looking to move into a full-time developer position. Strong background in cyber security.
Three years of experience in PHP, which was originally self-taught and then built upon in the workplace and a keen interest in Java (has also used in the workplace) and has also learned the foundations of several scripting languages such as Python, Bash and Groovy.
An all-rounder, and was expected to work on both a hardware and software level – used scripting knowledge to automate and simplify tasks to streamline work.
• Competent programming knowledge of PHP, Java, MySQL, Python, REST APIs, HTML, and CSS
• Basic understanding of JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSP, Groovy, and ActionScript
• Excellent understanding of Linux systems and virtualisation

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