SQL Database Analyst

Availability: 1 month

Sector: Technology

Reference: 27121

Expectations: £30,000

Considered Locations: Gloucetsershire

Skills & Experience:

A proactive, enthusiastic and reliable database developer and extraction specialist with extensive knowledge of SQL Server, Business Intelligence (BI) and Excel. Enjoys a challenge and works well under pressure either working individually or as part of a team.
• SQL Server, 9 years
• Advanced Microsoft Excel, 9 years
• SSRS, 2 years
• SSIS, 1 year
• Data Warehousing, 1 year
• Qlikview, 1 year
• Business Objects, 1 year
• SPSS, 1 year.
• Advanced Software Production Course, 30 weeks. JBuilder 2005, JDeveloper V10g.
• Databases Course, 15 weeks. Oracle Database V10g.
• Data Structures, 15 weeks. JEdit V4.3.
• Dissertation Course, 30 weeks. Uses of Public and Private Keys.
• Connect 4 application developed using JBuilder 2005, Poseidon V4.2.

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