Getting back into work following a career break

If you’ve taken a career break following redundancy, to start a family or to travel but now feel it’s time to get back to work, then follow our below steps to make finding work a little easier:

Update your CV

It’s common to believe that a gap in your CV could ruin your chances of finding employment. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Include all of the skills you have gained from your career break and use these to expand on why you’re suitable for the role.

Reach out

Speak to friends, family and previous colleagues and let them know you’re re-entering the job market. You never know, they may know of a suitable role or of someone employing for a role that’d suit your skillset.

Confidence is key

It’s understandable that your confidence may be knocked after taking time away from employment and it can be nerve-racking applying for roles. However, don’t forget you have a desirable skill-set, you may be educated to degree level and you most definitely would’ve gained skills from your career break. So, write these down, refer to them and don’t forget them, confidence is a desirable trait.

Freshen your skills

If you know when you’ll be looking to get back into work (ie. Your child starts school in September), you could volunteer or take part in classes. This is a great way to refresh your skill-set and maybe learn something new. It’ll show on your CV that you’re pro-active, willing to learn and ready to re-enter the world of business.

Join a recruitment agency

It’s a great idea to join a recruitment agency if you’re looking to get back into work. Recruitment agencies can help you format your CV, calm interview nerves and even run through some practise interview questions. By signing up to a recruitment agency they will know which company will suit you best, which roles you should apply for and give you the helping hand you may need.

If you’d like to find out more, or have seen on of our roles you’d like to apply for, be in touch on 01452 412999 or apply directly on our website