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How to onboard employees remotely

Introducing new starters can be difficult at the best of times but it is made that much harder when you are onboarding remote employees. So, how do you welcome, set-up and train new members of staff, when you’re working-from-home? In this article we will look at onboarding strategies for remote employees and the things you

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GB Solutions – What’s new?

Our financial year ends in August 2020 and it’s been the most remarkable I can ever remember. The first 6 months were extremely positive, some 25% up. Then in March Covid hit.  July and August have seen increased placements, giving us the confidence to bring the team back. Although when I say bring the team

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Furloughed? Why not study online?

Even though furlough contributions are reducing a lot of the UK are still furloughed, at least partially. In addition, many candidates are looking for new roles and its more important than ever that they keep their skills up to speed. Apps have become a big part of how we use our phones, pretty much everything

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Thinking about starting a career in Commerce?

As demand for candidates with more specific commercial skills grew we launched a new division and recruited a driven, successful consultant with a wealth of knowledge in the field of Commerce. Our Commerce candidates come from a variety of industry sectors and their skills include buying, contracts management, demand planning, merchandising, planning, project management, supply

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The benefits of flexible working for you and your employees

All employees with 26 weeks’ service have the right to request a change to their hours, timing or location of work.  An employer that rejects an employee’s request for flexible working must have at least one specified reason for doing so. “Only 6% of employees are working the traditional hours of 9 to 5 according

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