Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency

Choosing the right recruitment agencyWhether you’re a business or a job seeker, choosing the right recruitment agency is imperative. Why? They will be the ones who represent you. Recruitment agencies differ drastically and whilst it’s tempting to pick one at random, we recommend doing your research first.

What’s on offer?

First things first, think about what type of job you want or the type of candidate you’re after. Consider the location and the industry to narrow down your search and filter out unsuitable agencies. Don’t just focus on local agencies, search for regional agencies as candidates may be willing to relocate.

Next, take a look at the number of jobs and candidates they have and their types. Do they have a wide variety? Take a look at the positions available, the salaries and the skills of the candidates. Do they provide what you’re looking for? If yes, continue your investigation, if no, move on to the next agency.

Are they specialists?

Once you’ve inspected their quantity and variety of jobs/candidates, take a look at their team. Look for agencies that have specialist desks or teams that match the field you’re interested in. From there, take a look at the skills and qualifications of the consultant who will be managing you. The key is ensure that your consultant has the knowledge and skills to offer a service that is catered to you and your needs.

GB Solutions is comprised of 5 specialist divisions including HR+Legal, Marketing, Finance, Tech and Sales, all of which are ran by consultants that are trained, skilled and qualified to offer you the best service possible!

Check their reputation

Choose a reputable agency to represent you. People are often encouraged to look at an agency’s testimonials and whilst this does provide an insight into the agency’s success stories, it is unlikely that negative testimonials would have been published. With that, take a look at their reviews on Google and Facebook for a clearer indication of their performance.

Alongside this, look for any accreditation that the agency may have. Are they a member of the REC or any networking groups? Choosing the right recruitment agency involves picking one you can trust.

Take a look at our testimonials and our Google reviews.

Any additional Services?

The best kind of agency offers more than just recruitment. As a job seeker, look for agencies that offer additional services such as CV checks, interview prep and career advice. Remember that recruitment agencies are free for job seekers so take advantage of what’s available!

As for businesses, make sure you get the best value for money when choosing the right recruitment agency. GB Solutions manages the entire recruitment process including arranging interviews, delivering feedback, managing temp payroll and providing after-care support.

If you would like to discuss our jobs/candidates then please call us on 01452 412999, we’d love to help 🙂