Why you should consider a contract job

It’s easy to get into the mindset that you’ll only consider a permanent role but what if in doing that you’re missing out on fantastic contract opportunities? We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider contract work, hopefully we can change your mindset and in doing so you’ll be open to the vast opportunities in front of you:


Contract roles especially allow a degree of flexibility, you have greater control over the hours you work. A permanent employee has to be in the office a set number of hours a week, whereas as long as you fulfil your contract, the hours you work (9-5, 10-6, 12-8) really doesn’t matter.

More money:

By contracting, you earn more money than you would as permanent staff. The reason for this is because you are usually paid more per hour or per day and your tax status is different.

Work / life balance:

We’ve discussed this in a number of our blogs but mental health and wellbeing are increasingly important in today’s day and age, so we thought we’d mention it again. By controlling your own working hours, earning more, not being part of office politics, you’re in-charge of your own wellbeing. The likelihood of you having a more positive outlook on life is high, as your work and life are more balanced.

Control over holiday:

Contracting usually means you won’t be taking any holiday, as you’re only there for a short period of time, completing a task and then on your way. However, what you can do is choose when to take your next contract role. You could give yourself no breaks, or you could decide to go on that 2-week all-inclusive you’ve been eyeing up.


By changing companies and keeping up to date with what’s going on in your field you will grow as a contractor. Sticking to one role for 20 years can mean you become stagnant but contracting means you meet an array of different people, diverse personalities, different skills and ways of working, meaning you’re able to adapt which gives you more opportunity to grow.

Less competition:

With contracting there is less competition than when you apply for a permanent position. This means you’re more likely to get the role, build on your portfolio and earn a significant amount of money. It’s a win/win.

If you’d like to apply for any of our contractor roles, or have particular interest in one of our 6 divisions, then please get in touch with the relevant consultant who will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, call us on 01452 412999.