Contract, Temporary, Full-Time and Temp to Perm – What do these employment terms mean?


There is a great deal of talk about the gig economy but while we are all familiar with permanent contracts there are many other options that may suit you or your employer better.

Employment contracts are our bread and butter so we’ve summarised the main categories we deal with on a daily basis to ensure you’re applying to the situation and terms that suit you best!

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Contract – Paid by the company (PAYE)

A contract role is not a permanent position – there is a specific time frame that comes with it typically 3 to 12 months.

Contract jobs are often used for project work within companies where specialist expertise is needed to complete the work.

Contract – Paid by the company (Self-employed)

For contractors who have set up their own businesses for their contracting work. Self-employed contractors won’t receive holiday pay and sick pay cover but there are tax advantages which can be advantageous and of course, you are your own boss!

Temporary / Temp – Paid through an agency

Temp positions can range from a morning’s work to full-time work for over a year. When working on a temporary assignment, there is no guarantee that the position will become permanent. A temporary job can sometimes become ‘temp to perm’ which then later turns in to a permanent position.

You will need to fill in a timesheet each week, have it signed off and submit it to the recruitment agency in order to be paid. You will be paid weekly in arrears.

Temp-To-Perm – Paid through an agency

These are positions where the employer would like a full-time employee but does not want to commit to a permanent offer up front.  During the temp to perm period, the employee is considered as working for the recruitment agency. Term-to-perm opportunities are a great way for an employee to get to know a company and see if it could be a long term proposition for them.

There is a multitude of options out there in the market, each has pros and cons according to your own situation. If you would like to consult us further on this or help kick-start your job search please be in touch on 03332 412900 and we’d be happy to help you with your next gig!

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