County Quiz!


GB Solutions is on a winning streak!

One quiet week in November we joined Mark Cummings for his County Quiz. Despite the (very) early start the team all tipped up ahead of opening hours to compete. It soon became clear that our knowledge of the county was pretty darned good considering Sue, Mike and Joe live out of county, Danni was born in Portsmouth, Alex and Georgia are Londeners and Tess is from Birmingham! Lea is our only born and bred!

We were tested on all manner of questions, the height of hills, the distance between service stations, the names of the grammar schools and the products of some of our favourite businesses.

A New Year started and we were invited back to a play off amongst the elite teams. Great excitement as the outdoor production team dropped by to do a recording in Elmbridge Park and great celebrations when Lea came up with the winning answer.

But what we really liked about the quiz were all those folk at home or starting their shifts who would ring us up and tell us who they thought the mystery voice was, whether MayHill was higher than Birdlip Hill or who the new manager of Forest Green Rovers is.

…and that’s the beauty of Gloucestershire, a melting pot of people from different regions of the country coming together, chipping in and helping each other out. It is indeed all about the taking part!

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