Crisis what crisis?

Interview with Sue Waters Punchline Magazine, July 2020

In some crazy way I would say although the past 5 months have been some of the hardest in my business life, they have also been some of the most exciting. Even with the support of the government it has challenged us to the core, to think about who we are and what we offer.

It is an illusion to imagine that because there is mammoth unemployment that there is no recruitment going on. There is still strong demand for Lawyers, Mortgage Advisors, IT specialists and Ecommerce professionals and there are no more staff with those skillsets than there was back before Covid. Many inhouse recruiters have been let go so its up to us at GB Solutions to fill that void and connect the good talent with the right hiring managers.

So for us the ‘what’s next’ doesn’t mean let’s get back to business as usual asap, it means offering a better and more tailored service. In business terms and in the recruitment sector in particular Covid will sort the wheat from the chaff. You’ll have to be good to survive. To thrive you’ll have to be better. 

Punchline Magazine, July 2020