Don’t be a desperate job-seeker

man with binoculars in desert

We often receive calls from candidates along the lines of “I just need a job, I’ll do any kind of work!”

Although it’s a sentiment to be applauded, the pitfall is that desperate energy will radiate in waves.

It’s only natural to feel needy and even a touch desperate when job-hunting. It’s no fun feeling stressed, with no prizes for coming second and the fear of rejection. But it’s important to face the challenge in a confident and composed manner. Your attitude and the way you are perceived by potential employers is crucial to success.

Ever heard the phrase “desperate is not attractive”. Turn up willing to crawl over hot coals to please an employer and you will bring the wrong kinds of people into your world. Some will enjoy tormenting you with obscure questions, tests, unpaid assignments and long, unexplained silences.

Furthermore, if they are willing to treat you like dirt during the recruiting process you should prove easy to dominate once you start the job! Is that really the kind of place you want to work?

There are four tell-tale signs of a desperate job-seeker;

  1. Spend all of your job-search time and energy trying to make sure you look like and sound like the perfect candidate, rather than investing some of your time and energy deciding whether the job is right for you.
  2. You go to the job interview ready to jump through hoops, prepared to divulge commercial information from your last company if asked to, or answering inappropriate or illegal interview questions.
  3. After every interview you toss and turn and pick apart your own performance, placing too much emphasis on your own shortcomings or one particular question you may have stumbled over.
  4. Instead of waiting patiently for the outcome, you try and push your case by offering to work a trial for free

Four ways to avoid the desperate job-seeker trap;

  1. Manage your time. Being organised is great for your confidence and peace of mind. Make lists of jobs you have applied for so you can track your progress. Constantly refine your CV. Take regular breaks away from the computer. A healthy full-time job search schedule is a maximum of five hours per day. Leave enough time to get out and about to drive up your energy levels.
  2. Remember to relax. Whether it’s by listening to music, yoga, or watch TV to keep abreast of current affairs.
  3. Most importantly spend time with people who radiate positivity and avoid merchants of doom.

Yes, you still need a job, but you’ll know that there are jobs and employers that simply don’t deserve your talents. Life is full of ups and downs and you will soon have the job you do deserve.

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Blog is written by Mike Goode, Co-Director of GB Solutions. His background in Accountancy makes him ideal for specialising in Finance and Accountancy recruitment, covering the private, public and practice sectors. He also keeps the GB business on the straight and narrow, talking only in numbers, stats and financial gibberish.