Are you dismissing jobs too quickly?

I read an interesting piece this week from the BBC that job adverts can often put some women off from applying for jobs.

“Words matter. And the way we use them in job adverts can dictate whether or not people bother to apply. This is a big problem if you’re a business trying to recruit more women and ethnic minorities into your workforce. So can tech help remove these unconscious biases?” (BBC)

We have a busy Tech division at GB Solutions, we’re working with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the county, yet 95% of our applications are still male.

I understand there is a lack of women still entering into the STEM market and companies and network groups like STEM Gloucestershire are working to make a difference to this historical trend locally.

But, is there something much smaller that we’re missing that could make an immediate change?

A Seattle-based Textio, an “augmented writing software” company carried out research showing that men and women will react differently to words. Whilst ‘manage’ may seem harmless enough, applications from women tend to be lower when it’s used. When the wording was changed to ‘develop’, which apparently is more female-friendly, applications increased…!

A colleague recently attended an event with a leading High Street bank where they said, if a woman thinks she can’t do even just two of the tasks being requested on the job description, she won’t apply for a job.

These two comments have got us thinking and these are my top tips for consideration if you’ve just decided against applying for a particular role;

  • If you think you can do 70% of the role – send your CV.
  • You don’t know who else has applied, they might not be able to do everything either.
  • Be honest with your recruitment consultant – what parts concern you? We know the company and the role and will be able to put your mind at rest of what’s required
  • A strong candidate will be considered on their own merits for other roles in the business which may be coming up in the near future – its good to be in the talent bank

If you’ve seen a job you like, but not sure if to apply, just do it! The worst that can happen is you’re not considered, but maybe you’re exactly what they’ve been looking for and they were just following an old job description!

As one of the leading independent recruitment consultants in Gloucestershire, we pride ourselves on the advice and job coaching we offer our candidates. Helping you understand your potential is our job. You’re welcome to call our team of specialists and talk through your CV – we can help with CV writing, interview practice and digital profiling so please just give us a buzz on 03332 412900

We hope to hear from you soon!

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About The Author

Sue has recently joined the board at GB Solutions after three years working as the In-House Marketing specialist at GB.  

GB Solutions has five divisions and supports many of the UK’s leading organisations. Away from GB Solutions Sue is a keen traveler and at the weekend can be found walking the hills of Wales where she now lives.

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