Executive Search

Our recruitment process is always based on a combination of in-depth market knowledge and candidate contact. We take a proactive approach to source market leading and hard-to find talent through our executive search.

As the access to direct contact has broadened, we are able to executively search talent through our own data base and use digital means through our extensive network to find the best talent for roles in the Senior Management sector.

Our executive search is based on gaining indepth knowledge of the culture and key drivers in your business process to ensure that candidates will move the business forward in their specific discipline to add value to the whole company.

While each engagement is tailored to the needs of the business our executive search can be outlined as below:

  • Introduction to the senior management team and their business strategy
  • Writing the job specification and evaluating the salary and benefits package
  • Approaching candidates from our Talent Bank
  • Advertising the role in relevant trade publications and digital jobsites
  • Using direct approaches to gain a wider pool of talent
  • Interviewing potential candidates to make sure the knowledge and fit is there
  • Creating a shortlist of candidates from our executive search for proposed interviews

Our role is to both manage and support the selection process through our executive search. We are also available out of hours to ensure confidentiality is maintained.

We set up interviews, suggest interview processes and handle the offer stage, negotiation and overcoming any objections to the creation of the contract.

If you would like to find out more about our executive search offer then please be in touch at hello@gbsolutions.co.uk for more info.