Experiencing the world of a recruitment agency – Sue’s first quarter

Coming from a marketing background, Sue has always been on client-side when it comes to hiring. So taking a step into the world of a recruitment agency and supporting the needs of her once peers has been a bit of a learning curve. Let’s hear how Sue has found her first three months in the role…

Experiencing the world of a recruitment agency – Sue’s first quarter

Never a dull moment is how I would summarise my first three months with team GB!

I was lucky enough to join at a time when Paul was splitting his desk, so I had some ready-made clients and a great talent bank of candidates to match to them… or so I thought! Frankly, recruitment is just not that simple. Yes, there are many talented ambitious candidates. Yes, there are ample interesting and challenging jobs with go-ahead local companies. But so rarely do you have the right candidates, for the right job, at the right time!

I have found that working as a recruitment consultant demands vision, tenacity and diplomacy in roughly equal proportions. Vision, to see which companies are likely to be hiring in which departments. Tenacity, to persuade your clients that they need your sophisticated databases and can’t simply DIY recruit. And finally, diplomacy, in explaining to even the best qualified marketing graduate that they haven’t yet seen it all and that experience does still count for something!

The lows are low. When your ‘favourite’ candidate gets pipped at the post; the client decides to withdraw a role you’ve been working on for months; or your candidate just doesn’t show up for an interview (we’ve all been there). But of course the highs are high – getting exactly the right candidate for the right job; getting a job with an immediate start and you have someone in post the following week; or even when there isn’t a job but we have a candidate who is just right for the company, so a role is tailor made for them! Luckily I am surrounded by a team of five other very talented consultants – to share our experiences, our lows and our highs, swap ideas, thoughts and candidates all to get the best fit for our clients.

With the economy running well there is more and more traffic in the marketing department. So after three months behind me, the next step will be reaching out to new companies and growing the business for GB Marketing.

Here’s to the next quarter!”



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