Furloughed? Why not study online?

Even though furlough contributions are reducing a lot of the UK are still furloughed, at least partially. In addition, many candidates are looking for new roles and its more important than ever that they keep their skills up to speed.

Apps have become a big part of how we use our phones, pretty much everything we use on mobile is via an app. This is no different from online courses – you can gain certificates and qualifications via online learning apps!

Our favourite apps CourseraKhan Academy and Udemy all offer free and paid for courses. All of which are online. This means if you are furloughed you can still learn, enhance your skillset and be productive all at the same time and by the click of a button!

There are also websites you can use to gain new skills – websites such as open EDUFuture Learn and Oxford Home Study all provide excellent training courses.

Oxford Home Study

From Business Management courses, to Customer Services Courses, Oxford Home Study offer a variety of free courses for you to complete. You’ll also receive a certificate so it is something you can include and backup on your CV. They also offer more specific courses such as Supply Chain Management, Bookkeeping, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Future Learn

Future Learn are offering bespoke COVID-19 courses for free, for example, learning how to work remotely and collaboratively with your team. They also offer niche professional courses so they’re worth checking out!

Open EDU

Open EDU offer a variety of free courses which are all set out in their catalogue. They vary from Arts, to Science and Politics. Whatever you are looking to study, they have something for everybody.

We specialise in 6 divisions: 

SalesHR+LegalFinanceCommerceTech and Marketing. If you’re looking to enhance and develop skills in any of these sectors, there are a number of qualifications you can obtain. From ISM in Sales, CIM in Marketing and CIPD in HR. These qualifications are not free but worth studying towards if you’re looking to excel and progress in your careers. Even if you have only just started the course you can add it to your CV to boost your credentials for a job application.

As you can see there are a number of qualifications and certificates you can obtain through a variety of online courses. If you need any help or assistance just email hello@gbsolutions.co.uk, we’ll be happy to help you and we can advise on the best courses for you to do to excel in your career choice.