GB Solutions – What’s new?

Our financial year ends in August 2020 and it’s been the most remarkable I can ever remember. The first 6 months were extremely positive, some 25% up. Then in March Covid hit.  July and August have seen increased placements, giving us the confidence to bring the team back. Although when I say bring the team back, they are of course all still at home.

In this article we will provide all of our new information, contact details and everything that’s changed since COVID-19.

Remote working

The biggest change at GB Solutions is that we are now home-based. Our Director and Marketing Specialist, Sue Waters, recently discussed this with Hazlewoods and can be read here.

Before the pandemic we operated from our head office in Gloucester, however, the pandemic coincided with the end of our lease and fate seemed to be telling us to work from home. We’ve spoken previously about the fantastic benefits remote working offers and by the use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and our Whatsapp group, we are seeing tremendous benefits in this new way of working.

But of course, we still need to meet clients and candidates.

So, if you’re wondering how you can meet with us, we can be as flexible as you need. You will no longer have to travel to our offices between working hours. We can meet you at a time and place that suits you (following government guidelines of course), or we can meet with you via video chat (Zoom, Teams etc).

New software at GB Solutions

We were already moving our systems over to Microsoft 365 and had timetabled the implementation for new recruitment software in Easter. This would ensure we didn’t need to work from our desks 9-5. COVID-19 simply just sped up this process. We’ve now implemented a new cloud-based recruitment platform, replaced all our IT hardware. All of which makes it easier for our consultants to work from anywhere, which in turn makes it easier for our clients and candidates! All of the consultants have now been trained on the system (remotely of course), and they can’t wait to get stuck in. By improving our software, it ensures we are providing the best possible service to our clients and candidates.

Lifting furlough

As many of you will know if you follow our social channels or subscribe to our mailing list, at the beginning of March we had to furlough our recruiters and Marketing Executive. This was a difficult decision and not one made lightly but with the recruitment freeze we had no choice. Luckily, since lockdown begun to ease, we have been able to start thinking about lifting furlough. Mike and Sue remained active throughout lockdown as the rest of the staff were put on furlough. However, now we are in a position to bring people back and we have started by bringing Alex, Anna and Joe back into the fold.

Alex heads up our HR+Admin division, Anna is Finance and Joe is Tech. For any job or candidate related queries please do be in touch with these consultants. They are however, only back part-time, working a little each day but Mike and Sue are there for any urgent queries.

This week we have also bought back me! (Tess), I am the Marketing Executive who takes charge of social media, blog posts and job posts. I will be updating all of our info on Google and our website to ensure all of our contact information is correct.

Contact information

Now we are working from home we have been provided with work phones and work laptops. Therefore, our old contact information is out of date (apart from our email addresses). You will find all of our latest contact information on our website but for ease of reference I have listed it here:

Postal Address:

(For post only, as stated above we are home-based recruiters) TBC please email Mike/Tess instead

Main telephone number: 01452 412999

Main email address:

Mike Goode (Mananging Director) info – M:07983424535 |

Sue Waters (Director) info – M:07840044209 |

Alex Caluori (Business Partner/HR Specialist) info – M:07840044234 |

Tess Beddows (Business Marketing Executive) info – M:07840044252 |

Anna Rankin (Finance Specialist) info – M:07840044217 |

Joe Lyons (Tech Specialist) info – M:0780044228 |

Lea Williams (Sales+Service Specialist) info – M:07840044253 |

The best and easiest way to keep up to date with our latest news and information is to subscribe to our mailing list. We will only ever send relevant information to you, so if you are a candidate subscribe here and if you’re an employer click here.

What’s new at GB Solutions summary:

As we begin to embrace the ‘new normal’ and effectively implement change into our business we appreciate that this isn’t the case for everyone. Therefore, if you have found yourself without a job, furloughed, or your business hasn’t been able to remain open. Do get in touch, we are only a phone call or email away and we really do want to help.