Grads looking for HR roles

Human resources is one of the fastest growing areas for graduate placements. If you are a graduate, or graduating soon, you may be interested in exploring this diverse and fast changing area.

Joining a business as a graduate trainee, after an initial introduction to the broad basics this will often lead to specialisation in HR Law, Rewards and Benefits or indeed recruitment!

We’ve put together 4 questions you may ask when considering a role in HR and we are here to help you find your dream HR role.

What skills do I need to succeed in a HR role?

You will need to be confident; in order to progress in HR you may need to present to the business, you may need to object to a managerial decision and you most definitely will be in complex and difficult situations in regard to disciplinaries and redundancies.  Because of the complex issues HR face you’ll also need to be trustworthy and be aware that discretion is key.

Will I need a HR related degree?

It isn’t compulsory for you to have a HR degree but it would be beneficial if you had a degree in Business Management, Finance, Psychology or Economics. However, this doesn’t mean an employer wouldn’t employ you with a different degree. As you’re aware, from going to University you have gained a variety of skills and the majority of clients we work with just request you are degree educated, not HR degree educated.

What is ‘CIPD’?

CIPD stands for ‘Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’ and there are 3 levels you can study (level 3, level 5, level 7). As you are already degree educated we won’t discuss level 3 as you’d study straight from level 5. Level 5 is equivalent to an undergraduate qualification and for those with some level of HR experience or those who have studied to degree level. You may then wish to complete your level 7 CIPD, this is equivalent to a post-graduate degree.

How do I find a role in HR when I’ve been at University and have no HR experience?

That’s where I step in, send me your CV or give me a call and I’ll be more than happy to help. We can chat about your ambitions, take a look at your CV, go through some interview style questions and look at a couple of job specifications. I work with a number of clients who are employing for HR roles, some of which are graduate level, with little to no experience in HR but a willingness to learn and a degree to boot!

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