Hiring the best candidate for the role

You’ve read umpteen amount of CV’s, been through your hiring process a thousand times and you’ve interviewed several potential employee’s and got a decision to make between the top 2 candidates.

The interview process is daunting, people handle it in different ways. Some people allow their nerves to get the better of them and others sail through it like it’s a chat over coffee with a friend. But just because someone is good at being interviewed, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for the role.

When hiring for a HR Manager, or a Customer Service Representative you will most likely need a confident candidate and so being nervous in an interview won’t cut it. However, Credit Control and Back-End Developers don’t necessarily need this trait to be able to do a good job.

You need to look at the role and know exactly what you want. Interviewing without a clear direction of the type of person you want (ie. Thrives under pressure, can work well as part of a team or is well organised) is pointless.

For a Back-end Developer, you may want someone who can meet tight deadlines, can get their head down and has X amount of experience in a previous role, or a tech background. Whereas, an Events Manager you will want someone who’s confident, bubbly and approachable.

An easy way to decide what you want from a person is to write it down, write down 3-6 things you want from the candidate’s personality. Also, consider the job itself – what is it they’ll be doing in the first 2 years of being with you, is being nervous in an interview really the be all and end all of employing for this particular role?

If you’re struggling because you think a person can do the role, but they are quite shy, give them a task to complete. See how they manage under pressure, look at how they handle the assignment, it’s a really good way to find out if the person is the right fit.

The last thing you want is to pick the wrong candidate and wonder what if about the other one. Just remember when interviewing that nerves are expected, it is your job to make the candidate feel comfortable enough to come out of their shell.

If you’d like some help on interview questions, then please be in touch on 01452 412999. Or if you have an interview coming up and are nervous, just give the consultant who arranged the interview a call, they’ll be more than happy to help 😊