How GB Solutions stand out…

Did you read our recent blog? If you did then you’ll know choosing the right recruitment agency is imperative to your job search. There are a lot of recruiters out there, so how do GB Solutions stand out? We’ve put together 6 reasons why we think we are the recruitment agency for you…


Each of us have on-the-job experience in our sector, from Accountancy to Marketing. A lot of recruiters may say they’re ‘specialists’ but it is unlikely that they have on-the-job experience. To be a recruitment specialist we believe you need to have worked in the industry. Why is this good for you? Because we understand what it takes to succeed in our sectors.  Read more about us here


We want to meet our candidates where possible, prior to putting them forward for a role. With Covid-19 and local lockdowns, we understand this has been difficult. So, we are more than happy to meet you at a time and place that suits you! For instance, pre-covid we visited candidates in London. We want to go above and beyond for both our clients and candidates as we believe this shows we care.

Candidate sourcing

We build on our talent bank daily by being active on our own LinkedIn accounts. We will look on the job boards for candidates with the specialist skills our clients need. We are continuously seeking talent; we don’t just wait for it to come to us. If you’d like to meet us for a coffee to discuss your next career move, or discuss things further over video call, then drop us an email or call the relevant consultant over on our contact us page.


We recruit for specific roles such as Account Managers, Marketing Executives, Front-end Developers. We don’t employ for anything other than office roles; this means you know you’ll only be put forward for roles that suit you and your career aspirations. By having a focused job list, we can excel in our field and really get to grips with the role, instead of just seeing it as another job to fill. See our jobs here


We are all very passionate about our jobs, clients and candidates. This passion helps us fill our jobs and is the reason why so many clients and candidates come back to us. If you aren’t passionate about your job, then it is hard to be successful in it. Our passion shows through our google reviews and website testimonials

More than just a Recruitment Agency

We do more than just find you a job, we get to know you, so that you understand when the time is right you can come back to us. We help with interview prep from providing you with example questions, mock interviews and mock tests (for those who must complete a test). We also adapt your CV so that it stands out to our clients and we’re on hand for anything you need from information about the company, to even dropping you at interviews! Joe, our IT specialist has previously taken a candidate to his interview, as he was temporarily without a car. This is another example of how we go above and beyond for our candidates and clients.

We treat our recruitment desks like our own business, we are passionate, focused and hard-working. If you want to speak to us about your next career move, or have a role you’d like us to recruit for, then drop us an email –