How to Attract Graduates

You’ve read our blog post on the benefits of hiring a grad and now you want to hire them. Here we will show to how to attract graduates to your business!

Contrast to popular belief, salary isn’t everything and unfortunately it won’t be the tool to secure the interest of a grad. Graduates understand that their salaries are likely to be lower compared to those of more experienced workers. This means they expect more from a job than a basic salary, which you need to deliver.

Luckily, you probably offer a lot of things that attract graduates. You just haven’t realised!

Below, we have selected the top characteristics which should be highlighted in a job description to capture the interest of the best graduates.


Work Culture

How to Attract Graduates

Company culture is of upmost importance to graduates. After spending years juggling socialising and studying, they have acquired a desire for excitement and engagement within their career prospects.

To attract graduates to your business you don’t need extraordinary office spaces and work perks, just highlight the characteristics that make your business an enjoyable place to work. From employee socials to free refreshments, simply provide an insight into the culture and benefits of the workplace. Not only will this attract graduates to your company, it will attract the right graduates that match your company culture.



How to Attract GraduatesCorporate social responsibility (CSR) has quickly become a deciding factor in job evaluation amongst graduates. The rise in awareness of the challenges that our world faces has encouraged graduates to become justice-minded.  They are keen to make a positive impact in the world and they aim to work for companies who share the same values as them.

Whether you support your local charity with dress-down Fridays or sponsor national fundraising events, include it in the job description. Highlighting your philanthropy demonstrates your commitment to CSR and gives grads an idea of what they can get involved in.



Training & Development 

How to Attract Graduates

A graduate’s first job is the key to their career, they prioritise this time to learn and develop as much as possible meaning they prioritise the companies that will help them along the way.

Instead of focusing on what graduates can offer you, highlight what you can offer them. Make them aware of the training and time that you are willing to invest in their development and they will reciprocate through their work.



How to Attract GraduatesLastly, be authentic. You don’t need to be a rapidly expanding company with endless exciting job opportunities to attract graduates. Simply demonstrate what you believe in, why you value your employees and what the graduate can expect from working with you. Your honesty and integrity will go further than giving unrealistic expectations.






Not feeling confident in developing a job description that appeals to grads? Contact us today to register your vacancies and we’ll do the rest! Our recruitment specialists don’t just know how to attract graduates, they know how to attract the right graduates for your company.