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How to deal with nerves before an interview

Tess,   7th June 2019

How to deal with nerves before an interview

We hear so much talk of ‘fit’ being the essential criteria in choosing a candidate but so often our candidates come out of an interview saying they just haven’t been ‘themselves’.

Undoubtedly to get the most out of an interview, the secret lies in creating a sense of relaxation and establishing a real relationship. The interviewer holds most of the responsibility for doing this.

From a candidate’s point of view overcoming their nerves will often be a case of absolutely having done their homework and knowing their stuff about the job, the company and of course the interviewer!

nerves in interview

James Caan CBE and Serial Entrepreneur quotes;

As an experienced interviewer, the trick is to let the candidate’s mind wander off from the current situation for a split second. Usually, I’ll completely change the subject and always add a gentle touch of humour. I do this so I can really work you out. If I just began interviewing you from the get-go, your nerves are distinguishing who you are, and I’m struggling to evaluate you.

If you are being grilled from the get-go it may be you, (the candidate) that needs to vary the tempo.

how to deal with nerves

Nerves have the unfortunate effect of putting up a shield. It gives the impression of disinterest or dislike and lets the interviewer pick up completely the wrong message.

But if you were just to say ‘Im really nervous’ it is actually quite disarming and gets the interviewer right over to your side I think this is a really important message, such openness tells me that a candidate cares. Generally, when people are nervous in a job interview it’s because they really want the job. Obviously, all candidates set out with the aim of hiding their nerves, but when I notice them, I don’t think it’s at all a bad thing.

In a recent Linkedin article, James also adds

‘What I’m trying to say is, don’t crumble. Don’t feel you’ve failed. It’s part of human behaviour. Don’t be disconcerted by it. If it happens, just deal with it. If you feel flustered, you can always ask the interviewer to give you a moment to think and buy yourself more time.

Remember that we’re all human, and we’ve all been there. Every interviewer is hoping that you will be the successful candidate so that they can finish the recruitment process. With that in mind, remember that the interviewer is on your side.’

Remember, as your recruitment consultants, we’re here to guide you on the journey to finding your perfect job. We’ll do whatever we can to help ease your nerves beforehand, so stay in touch and be honest with us!