How to search for a job

Google ‘jobs’ in your local town and you will come up with a list as long as your arm. There are a thousand different jobs on the internet so the world is your oyster, isn’t it?

Yes, there are a bewildering array of roles with as many job titles as there are opportunities. But actually, if you scratch beneath the surface you may find there are far fewer options than it appears.

In reality, there may be only a handful of live and relevant roles behind these ads. The hiring manager can often place ads themselves and then get four recruiters to work on them – so you may be seeing the same role advertised in five different ways on several different job boards. Once the aggregator boards get hold of them you can see it in ten different versions or more. Look more closely and some will have been advertised for 30 days or more so if you take those out of the equation there may be fewer relevant options than you thought.






So how do you apply?

  • It’s not a question of spray and pray – every application counts. Take time to tailor the covering note and your profile to the role – it does matter. If you have a line ‘always wanted a role in media sales’ for a job role as a graphic designer you will be straight to the bottom of the pile.
  • Do your research on the hiring company. Recruiters won’t usually give away who they are working for so it may not be clear who the job is with. Find out! It pays to know who is behind the role and the detail of any preferences they have.
  • Don’t apply several times for the same role through different agencies – it smacks of desperation and there’s only one job out there after all.

But the job boards aren’t the only place to find jobs

There are hidden jobs, where hiring managers may believe they want a graduate full time and you could persuade them they need someone with more experience for just three days a week?

A business may have announced in the press they are expanding into the region – it’s worth following them and finding out what skill sets they may need whether they have advertised yet or not.

And of course, inevitably I would suggest you register with a recruiter!

It’s free of charge to you – the consultants are paid by the hiring companies. We keep talent banks of candidates so as jobs come in you will be matched to the role. Equally, we can advertise you to our clients who know they can always use certain skill sets or know they will be hiring in the near future.

Our belief is it’s all about the people. Please use the internet but please also build a relationship with your recruiter, who will be able to see which businesses you fit with best, which hiring manager you’d get on with best, where the opportunities for development are.

Make sure you’re relevant, explore all opportunities and build relationships – make us recruiters work for you!


About The Author 

Paul Blower has worked in the recruitment sector for nearly 20 years and is currently a founding Director at  Paul Blower is a Director at GB Solutions, a recruitment agency in Gloucestershire. Paul stands in front of a tree smiling wearing a blue suit

Paul has dedicated his time to growing the agency over the last 18 years and has experienced all areas of office recruitment. The agency now has five divisions and supported many of the UK’s leading organisations. Away from GB Solutions, Paul supports businesses, people and charities to help them develop their own recruitment strategies Connect with Paul Blower on LinkedIn.