How to stay motivated during your job search

When you’re searching for a job, we appreciate it can be a bit of a roller coaster, either you can’t find the job you want, the salary that’s right, a location that works, or you find the perfect job, they won’t offer the right money, they don’t come back to you or you’re pipped to the post by your best friend’s, best friend’s mate!

So, we’ve put together some ways for you to stay motivated during your job search:

Remember that the situation you’re in is temporary, it won’t last forever and soon enough you’ll find the role you’ve been searching for. It can seem as if you’ll always be in this situation, especially if redundancy is the reason you’re seeking work but this isn’t the case, you will find something.

Learn to accept rejection, because you won’t hear back from every application and when you do, it won’t always be positive. You need to remember that other people are also applying for the roles you’re applying for and at times, they will simply be considered a better fit.

You’re not alone a high number of people seek new job opportunities daily, people get rejected daily and people feel like they’ll never find a role they love. It can help to remember you’re not alone.

Search smarter – keep checking the job boards and of course sign up to a recruitment agency! We can help you find a role, if you come in to meet us, we can look at your CV, put you forward for opportunities that we feel you’d fit into (meaning you don’t have to search) and we can vouch for you, making the employer more likely to take your application to interview.

By setting achievable goals, for example, “I will apply for 3 jobs per day”, it can really help with your mental health and keep you focused. Achievable goals can motivate you and keep you in a positive mindset.

Why not seek other people’s opinions? Get feedback on you CV and the types of jobs you’re applying for. If you don’t want to ask friends or family we can help with CV feedback and even offer a free CV health check!

We hope our pointers have helped and if you’d like any feedback, advice or help with your job search please be in touch on, 01452 412999 or email with a copy of your CV and we’ll be more than happy to help and take some of the stress away from you.

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Hope to hear from you soon!