How to Work with Grads

We’ve highlighted the benefits of hiring a graduate and given our top tips on how to attract them, now it’s time for us to advise how to work with grads!

Graduates typically fall under Generation Z and young Millenials whose traits differ to workers of previous generations. In addition, their time at university has shaped their work ethic in a way that goes against the norm. If you’re worried about how to work with grads, our guide is here to help!


Provide leadership and guidance Work with grads

Despite graduates holding numerous transferable skills and sector knowledge, they are unlikely to have previously applied these attributes in a real business setting. Whilst more experience workers may not need a lot of support, graduates seek guidance and reassurance in what they’re doing.

The key is to not view this as an inconvenience, but as an investment. Graduates view their first job as an opportunity to learn as much as possible and to showcase their skills. If you invest your time into their development, they will reciprocate the effort in their performance.


Work with gradsMotivate accordingly

Motivation is key for all employees to remain focused and driven within the workplace but it isn’t as simple as offering a monetary reward. Graduates seek job fulfilment and employers should adapt their motivation methods accordingly. This could include encouraging opinions and involvement, offering greater responsibility or even implementing a performance based reward scheme.

Displaying trust and reassurance in graduates can help them feel valued. Not only does feeling valued increase their output of effort, it could reduce their likelihood of job-jumping.


Let them try new things Work with grads

University is known as the time of self-discovery whereby students join societies, work in teams and juggle the studying of numerous modules. They have developed the ability to multi-task, boosted their confidence to try new things and acquired ambition for challenges.

These are the qualities to be embraced in the workplace. Whilst more experienced workers may be comfortable in their role, graduates seek change and responsibility so let them try out new things. Not only will it keep them motivated, they could discover a knack for something which could be of great benefit to your business.


Work with gradsListen to them

Not all graduates are the same, some may have years of work experience whilst others have advanced skills from extra-curricular activities. Their years of studying have developed entrepreneurial thinking and their youth enables them to provide a fresh perspective; two key characteristics that are important to decision-making.

Listening to graduates not only demonstrates their value to you, it also benefits you. They could be holding the winning idea that boosts your business!


The important thing to remember is that not all graduates are the same. Whilst we’ve highlighted our top tips on how to work with grads, take time to get to know your grad. The better you know and understand them, the better the relationship built.

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