How to write a CV

In our weekly staff meetings, with plenty of coffee to swill down, our minds often wander to the deeper questions in life. And this is the one we got stuck on last week – what is a CV for?

It is, of course, a vehicle for applying for a job, it is a summary of your experience but we came round to concluding that a CV was really a calling card for candidates. It’s the way of representing candidates, getting them an interview and a discussion document for the interview itself.

Many candidates seem to go into CV writing as if they are standing before the pearly gates breathlessly accounting for their lives.

‘Well I was a barista in 2006 then I travelled to Australia, then I started a counselling course but decided to change tack – and that’s why I’ve applied for the Risk Management role’

The most successful candidates use their CVs to respond to the question – ‘You are the person we should appoint for this job – Discuss’

What we went on to do it very simply is look at each CV make sure they have;

  • A strong profile
  • Clear and relevant skills & achievements
  • A clear layout

In order to make sure you’ve ticked all these elements off, we’re going to guide you on how to write a CV.

Many of you will have a New Year’s resolution to find a new job, but is your CV representing you as well as it could?

To help get off on the right foot, the recruitment experts at GB Solutions will be publishing a series of blogs throughout January to give you a few hints and tips on how to prepare and write a decent CV. The first in our series will be available on Thursday 11th January and will guide you through writing your CV personal profile.