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Our HR guide to celebrating Halloween at work

Tess,   29th October 2019

Our HR guide to celebrating Halloween at work

It’s spooky season, so it’s time to dust off your witches’ hat, steam your cloak and dig out your broom! Halloween is a great time to celebrate at work but there are rules you should follow if you want to stay out of trouble. Trick or Treat HR – Halloween is upon us.


As much as you might want to decorate your Halloween tree (yes that’s a thing), don’t forget that some decorations can be offensive and trigger phobias. For instance, a lot of people are afraid of spiders and rats, so make sure your staff members are ok with these kinds of decorations being in the office.


It might be a good idea to send out an email explaining what is and isn’t acceptable in the way of costumes. To be extra safe, you may ban costumes all together – boo, but it is the best way to ensure no offensive costumes are worn.


Painting pumpkins has become a very popular Halloween tradition and it is a lot safer to have your team painting pumpkins than carving them. You don’t want any real horror stories happening at work after all!

We hope this information helps you and we hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.