Introducing new starters, remotely

Working from home has increased over recent years through the implementation of flexible working practices in many businesses. Under unfortunate circumstances regarding COVID-19, it is now becoming somewhat essential for many businesses across the globe to implement this way of working.

So, how do you introduce new starters to your business and more importantly, the wider team?

Usually you might arrange a group lunch, training sessions, 121s or shadowing. With COVID-19 and government guidelines we’re all aware of the danger doing ANY of the above can cause.

We’ve put our heads together to come up with some ideas on how you, the employer, can introduce new staff to your employee’s, without the need of breaking guidelines and practising social-distancing.

Firstly, introducing the new member of your team to their colleagues.

The year is 2020, technology is BOOMING, we have Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and probably much much more. So introducing the new member of your team to the wider company is actually quite easy as it can be done facetoface but via online video meetings. Video-meetings allow you to see one-another, get to know each other and keep in contact with each other in a more personal and immediate way.

Secondly, how do you ensure the new team member knows about your company values, motos, benefits, rules etc..

You’d probably usually have a meeting! But, this isn’t going to happen any time soon and you need your new employee to be aware of the business requirements and needs. So, you could put together a trusty PowerPoint presentation! Infact, this is probably more reliable than a face to face meeting anyway, as your colleague can go back to the PowerPoint at any point (pardon the pun) if they forget or need reminding on any of the information they’ve read.

Thirdly, how do you keep momentum going?

When you start a new job you’re excited, you get to meet new people, you get a new computer, your own desk etc… When working remotely you get your home comforts but it can be boring and lonely (read our blog on how to remain postive during COVID-19 and WFH). GROUP CHAT, it keeps you in the loop, keeps you connected and most importantly makes you feel part of the team.

So there you have it, our guide on how to introduce new starters, remotely. We hope it helps 🙂