LinkedIn VS Recruiters: Why still use an external agency to support your hires?

We all rave about the importance of LinkedIn to get yourself noticed by employers. With over 16 million members in the UK alone, there is plenty of talent crying out to be head-hunted. So then why, as an employer, would you bother using a recruitment agency to find talent rather than simply utilise LinkedIn?

Well, there are many reasons why recruitment is still outsourced to agencies and the industry has grown from strength to strength. Let’s think about it… The typical hire is led by the Line Manager, on top of their day-to-day tasks, so it’s inevitable that recruitment can feel like a chore and left to the last minute. Job specs are roughly drawn up, a hasty ad is posted, a few CV’s are briefly scanned and a couple of connection requests are sent through LinkedIn. If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated recruitment team, the chances are they have a multitude of line managers throwing jobs at them all to be filled immediately. So for both sides of the fence, resource, time and money is tight. Internal recruitment teams are also often measured on their time to hire, cost per hire and quality of hire so support is often sought to manage their own targets.

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Recruitment requires a steady investment of time over a long period in order to source any candidates, never mind the right candidate. Agencies see new candidates day in day out. Those that are savvy enough will already be thinking about your company and how someone may fit within the team before you even come to us with a vacancy. It’s our sole job to be an extension of your team. We actively search and headhunt (scouring those 16 million for ‘the one’), we process applications as they come in, we’ll schedule the interviews to suit, keep both the recruitment team and the line manager informed of the process and we’ll even meet and prep the candidates before they see you so you only see the very best. On top of this, we’ll also manage the offer process too. This isn’t just a Friday afternoon job. This is what we do.

Line managers should never be in the dark with fees either. Recruitment takes time and expertise, with often the more skilled, highly waged roles taking more time and investment to source, which is why the traditional salary % fee just works. Recruiters absorb the costs of LinkedIn, numerous job boards, advertising and highly skilled consultants so you don’t have to. The fees you pay will only ever be on successful hire and will often come with a clause that means if the new employee doesn’t work out within a set timeframe, the agency will find you another candidate free of charge, or give you your money back.

So whilst LinkedIn has most definitely had a significant effect on recruitment in general by seemingly opening up a database of millions of CVs, the vast majority are actually what we call ‘cold’, only giving you a ‘potential’ candidate. The hard part is turning that ‘potential’ in to a ‘reality’ and thus an application. Tactful conversations are often required to convince talent that the grass is greener on the other side.

It’s easy to mistake LinkedIn as another job board, but it’s a very different beast and there is a whole lot more to recruitment than just finding any old person to do to the job. Anyone can do that. It’s about transparency, quality and valuable communications. Recruitment agencies can no longer have the money grabbing, hard selling, any Tom, Dick and Harry approach.  The war is no longer for talented candidates, it’s for talented recruiters.

That’s why our values of People, Passion and Integrity are a huge part of what we do, making us stand out from other agencies and changing the tarnished face of recruitment. You can contact one of our Director’s today to discuss how we can support your recruitment process and ease the load of hiring new talent into your business. Email, or call them on 03332 412900