Looking for temp jobs in Gloucestershire?

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Looking for work but nothing coming up? Perhaps it’s time for a temp job in Gloucestershire?

If you’re in between jobs or enjoy flexibility in your working life perhaps it’s time to consider temporary assignments.

Searching on the top job boards in the UK there are over 50,000 temporary jobs currently available, and there are over 5,000 temp jobs in Gloucestershire. Opportunities are out there, so whilst you’re looking for the right permanent job to come along, could temping help you out of a fix?

If you’ve never tried temping and want to know more, you’re in luck! We’ve created some top tips to consider when looking for temporary jobs.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a temporary job?

Temp jobs can range from a morning’s work to full-time work for over a year. When working on a temporary assignment, there is no guarantee that the position will become permanent. A temporary job can sometimes be advertised as ‘temp to perm’ which later turns in to a permanent position.

The great thing all temporary jobs tend to have in common – they usually want you to start straight away!

You are usually paid weekly if you complete a temporary assignment through GB Solutions.

How can I let recruiters know I’m available for a temp job?

There are three ways to let us know that you’re available and looking for temporary work;

1) Update your profile

If you’ve signed up to any job boards, you can go and update your settings to show you would consider temporary work. For most of the boards, it’s a quick and easy task. By doing this, it’ll bring you up when we search for temporary candidates, it also reactivates your account so we can see you’ve been online more recently

2) Drop a quick email to your contacts at recruitment agencies

Sending an emailSending a quick note to let us know of any changes to your employment history etc can be really helpful. It’s good for us to know what hourly rate you need, what hours you ideally want and what hours you would take as a minimum and also the locations you would consider.

We can update our system which will make it even easier to find you when the right job comes in.

3) Update your availability settings on Linkedin Linkedin logo

In 2016 Linkedin created a new feature that makes it easier to connect with your dream job by privately signaling to recruiters that you’re open to new job opportunities.

Open Candidates is accessible from the “Preferences” tab on the LinkedIn Jobs home page.

What are the benefits of temping?

Other than finding a job fast, there are a number of benefits to temping that you may not be aware of. Some of the most popular are:

  • Temping is an excellent way of “getting your foot in the door” at businesses who may decide to offer you a permanent position at the end of your temporary assignment
  • You may learn new skills which can be added to your CV, enhancing your future chances of job success
  • It is an excellent way to reintroduce yourself back into the working environment
  • You can look for permanent work whilst temping
  • It can build your network of contacts whether it’s for references or meeting like-minded people
  • You still have rights and are entitled to benefits like sick pay, holiday allowance and regular pay.

If you think a temporary opportunity could be a good move for you, why not send your CV over to us hello@gbsolutions.co.uk