How to make your company more attractive to candidates

We’re well and truly living in a candidate-driven market, with a record number of jobs being advertised. However, skill shortages are making it difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to find the right talent for their roles. Now more than ever, employers need to be showcasing what their business has to offer, in order to make their company more attractive to candidates.

Top talent will be courted for other recruitment opportunities, by recruiters, people within their network and hiring managers. Therefore businesses need to appreciate that candidates may have multiple job options.

Start by focusing on the 3 p’s; people, process, and product. Breaking your hiring strategy down into 3 core principles, will ensure you’re able to make your company more attractive to candidates.

How you attract your candidates will be key to securing top talent, and keeping them! In this article, we will look at ways to make your company more attractive to candidates, providing our top tips and advice:


There is a reason why people comes first in the 3 p’s. “The greatest asset of a company, is its people”. Your business depends on the relationships you build with your people, so putting significant time, money and effort into those relationships is key.

Your company’s culture and people make it the success it is. Without good people, the product and process elements fall into insignificance. The core of candidate attraction (and ultimately retention) is having solid company values and evidencing them in the day-to-day operation of your business. It’s also key that if you’re hiring for a senior position with management responsibilities, the candidate is able to integrate these values into their management approach.

So what can you do to implement ‘people’ into your hiring strategy:

• Hire the right people, that align with your company values

• Create a collaborative environment

• Treat all your employees with respect


The overall application process for your job roles is critical. The candidate needs to have an overview of the whole process. There’s nothing more off-putting than rearranged or missed interviews. Don’t forget, the candidates you want for your business, are often still employed. Therefore, they may not want to make it obvious they’re seeking new opportunities, so, discreet recruitment programmes are key.

You may need to think of innovative ways to reach these candidates. Look at your current candidate attraction strategy, outline your communication methods and improve them. Txt message and video calls are great tools to integrate into your recruitment plan. Utilising new techniques is a good way to scope out the competition to acquire top-quality candidates.

And don’t forget, lengthy application processes, multiple interviews, and drawn out decision-making are all things that’ll encourage your candidate to pull out of the process.

So what can you do to implement ‘process’ into your hiring strategy:

• Consider your overall candidate journey, from the application process, through to onboarding

• Ensure you’re not time-wasting when making your decision on whether to hire

• Offer a competitive salary and benefits package to avoid counteroffers


In many businesses a ‘product’ is a tangible item, however, for the majority of our clients, it is a service. To be onboard they have to believe in your product or service. How do you sell this to potential employees?

You need to emphasise why your service is better than your competitors’, and why with their input, it would be even better! Establishing a strategic way of communicating your brand to candidates ensures they gain brand awareness from the outset. It will also help them be passionate and motivated about the work they do for you.

Remember many candidates will have interviews with your competitors. So, it’s imperative you show them why you’re the right company for them!

So what can you do to implement ‘product’ into your hiring strategy:

• Ask for feedback from interviewees, candidates, and current employees

• Evaluate the market and what your competitors are offering (benefits package)

• Sell your ‘product’ in an interview, don’t just assume you’re the candidates only option

Our 5 top tips on how to make your company more attractive to employees

  • Explain your company culture and values to prospective candidates
  • Show candidates why your business stands out against competitors
  • Encourage your recruitment agency to be creative
  • Ensure your interviewing process is well defined and seamless
  • Work with your recruitment agency to ensure you reach hidden talent

How to make your company more attractive to candidates, in a nutshell

Ensuring you utilise the 3 p’s during the hiring process will help you make your company more attractive to candidates. It’s important that you don’t just assume potential employees automatically want to work for your business. The best talent has plenty of options! Focus on your company culture, values and marketing your brand to ensure you sell your business in the best way possible.

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