Negotiating a better salary

The main reason most of us look for a new role and why we consider moving jobs is because of salary. When you are offered your next job, or during your annual review, consider the below negotiation tips to help you receive a better salary:

Do your research

You can’t just pluck a figure out of thin air, you need to have facts and figures to back you up. By having this information to hand you’ll be prepared and confident and the amount you’re suggesting will have substance.

Know your value

Your experience, skills, qualifications and attitude make up your value. Don’t be afraid to include these in your reasoning for a better salary with a new company.

Time doesn’t matter

On the other hand, when you are negotiating a salary with your current Employer, don’t use the fact you have worked at the company for over X amount of years as a reason for a salary increase. Just because you’ve been there a while it doesn’t mean you are automatically entitled to a pay increase (unless it says so in your contract). You need to focus on the skill-set you’ve enhanced and the development you’ve achieved.

Explain why

Don’t just go in and demand/ask for a pay rise, make sure you explain why you should receive a pay rise, what you’ve achieved, what you’ve bought to the company and what research you’ve done. By justifying your worth it’ll make it harder for the Employer to say no.

They may say no

Be prepared for the Employer to say no, whilst this might determine whether you take the job don’t let it dishearten you in your current role. Just because your Employer says no doesn’t mean they don’t value you.

These are just a few tips to negotiate a better salary, do give us a call if you would like to discuss this further or if you’re looking for a new role – 01452 412999