Our top tips for your video interview

Due to COVID-19, many of our clients have taken to video interview in order to conduct their interviews. For some, this will come as a relief; you don’t need to find the office, pay for parking or even leave the comfort of your home! However, for most of us, this is a brand-new way of interviewing. We are using technology we aren’t familiar with; we’re finding it difficult to communicate in the same way we would face-to-face and we’re unsure of the correct ‘etiquette’ for video interviews.

However, if you follow our below top tips, you’ll soon be a pro at video interviewing and be on your way to securing that new role.

Practise your video interview

Before you actually attend the video interview, have a practise run. The same way you’d run through some potential questions for a face-to-face interview, record yourself, or ask a family member if they would mind holding a fake interview with you. This way you can see how you look and sound, prior to the actual video interview.

Test the link prior to your video interview

It’s important to test the link, PRIOR to your video interview. So many clients have told us that interviewees have been late due to technical issues, which doesn’t give the best first impression – especially if you’re interviewing for a technical job. We’ve found at times that Microsoft Teams doesn’t work immediately after using Zoom, so make sure you do check the link beforehand.

Choose your location wisely – with no distractions or inappropriate backgrounds

There have been a lot of ‘funny’ stories making the news recently, where inappropriate objects are on show, or silly backgrounds are being used. Make sure you set up your webcam so there is a blank canvas behind you, or an inoffensive piece of art, or a bookcase (with JUST books on it). If you’re borrowing a laptop, make sure the owner doesn’t use silly backgrounds, so you don’t get caught off guard. Also, make sure nobody (human or otherwise), can be a distraction. Make sure you’re in the room alone and that nobody else walks in.

Stand your laptop on some books so it is at the right height

If you don’t have a laptop stand, then to ensure your laptop is at the right height, then use some books. A lot of people slouch when they’re working from their laptop, so making sure the camera is eye level will help your posture. Also, you want the laptop to capture your full head and also your shoulders, so place it further back if needs be.

Make sure you unmute your microphone and turn on your camera

The catchphrase of 2020 for most (working from home) businesses was “you’re on mute”. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure your microphone is unmuted and your camera is turned on PRIOR to the interview. Both Zoom and Teams allow you to put your camera on, and unmute your mic, before you go into the meeting.

Look at the camera during your video interview, not at the screen

It’s very tempting to look at your screen during your video interview. This tip will take some practise, as when you talk, you need to look into the camera, so it looks like you’re looking into the interviewer’s eyes. What you don’t want to do, is keep looking at your laptop as it’ll look as if you aren’t paying attention to the interviewer.

Let the other person finish speaking

Interrupting someone when they’re speaking can cause their mic to mute and will come across rude. Video interviews make it harder to know when someone has finished talking, so allow a couple of seconds before you jump in with a response.

Video interviews: In conclusion…

So, in conclusion, when attending a video interview, you need to make sure:

  • You’re prepared
  • You’ve practised
  • Your technology works
  • You’ve read this article

Good luck! And if you’d like to practise your video interview skills, then be in touch with your consultant who will be more than happy to arrange a practise interview with you.