Our hints and tips on preparing for pre-employment tests

Tess,   8th August 2019

Our hints and tips on preparing for pre-employment tests

If you’ve applied for roles in sectors such as IT or Marketing recently you’ve most likely been asked to complete a pre-employment test. It can be worrying, intimidating and scary, especially if you haven’t done any tests since leaving school and that may have been many years ago.

However, there is no reason to stress! We’ve listed our hints and tips on how to prepare yourself for your pre-employment test below:

Mock tests

There are several websites that allow you to prepare for your aptitude test, if you type in the test the Employer is asking you to do (e.g. verbal reasoning), usually mock tests will appear. If you’ve applied for a role through GB Solutions, we can send you mock tests, so you don’t have to waste time searching for them yourself. Just let us know you’d like our assistance and we’ll get the tests over to you in the same day!

Follow the rules

We’ve had so many candidates fail the pre-employment test simply because they didn’t read the instructions. Make sure you read EVERYTHING before you start, it really is so important. If you don’t bother to read the rules, why should they bother employing you?

Don’t rush

It’s important you take the time to complete the pre-employment test, you need to set aside a generous amount of time, so you don’t rush through the test. If for some reason you must complete the test at a test centre be sure to arrive early, so you can read through your notes and relax prior to the test.

Lastly, Relax

Remember that the pre-employment test is just one part of the employment process. Your CV, how you come across in the interview, your skills and maybe your presentation all go toward showing the Employer what you’re made of.

If you’re still worried speak to your recruitment consultant, they’re here for you and will hopefully be able to put your mind at ease.