Recruitment – Sales v Marketing? Rise of the niche recruiter

Recruitment activity is on the up, budgets have been boosted to hire top talent and candidates are getting ever more confident in making big career moves. Now should be a fantastic time to be a recruiter.

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So what challenges will we face in 2015?

The rise of the niche recruiter

HR teams are claiming the role of a recruiter by taking things in-house, which is causing generalist agencies to struggle. This shift in responsibility is great news for specialist recruiters like GB Solutions.

Using agencies for volume hiring is becoming a thing of the past, but specialist agencies will always be in demand. As a niche recruiter, we are able to offer in-house HR teams a pool of talent that they otherwise struggle to attract. Our emphasis is on branding and reputation combined with a focused digital strategy, specialist expertise and a genuine personal touch. These collectively create an effective marketing mix that enables us to attract the best specialist talent.

Growth of marketing experts

Interestingly, what this rise in niche recruiters has led to is a growing need for agencies to move away from the sales approach and towards marketing. HR teams want to reduce agency spend, so attempting to sell to those who don’t want to be sold to is simply a waste of time. To reflect this change in approach, GB Solutions have switched our team structure to consist of three marketing resource experts rather than sales orientated consultants.

Director of GB Solutions, Mike Goode, comments:

“When we set up GB Solutions 15 years ago we realised that ‘niche’ was the way forward and clients wanted a premium, specialist service. We shied away from the high volume market. We noticed that our High Street competitors were wasting so much time chasing leads that had not been qualified and at the same time took a scatter gun approach to promoting jobseekers. With only 20% of leads ever likely to develop into a substantive vacancy and one in a hundred return on mailers our consultants would be wasting the majority of their time.

During the downturn, survival for many agencies became the focus and the temptation was to try and fill any role. Thankfully, we stayed true to our values, never afraid to turn down non-core opportunities and instead concentrated our efforts on those clients who value support from a specialist recruitment partner.”

If you want support from a specialist recruiter who will focus on your specific needs then get in touch with our team here at GB Solutions on 01452 412999. Or you can drop us a quick email on – we will look forward to hearing from you.


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