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Testing in recruitment selection

Tess,   2nd October 2020

Testing in recruitment selection

Hiring the right people for your business has a direct effect on the organisation as a whole. This is why recruitment and selection are so important when choosing people to work for your business.

During the selection process it can be easy to miss a vital step – testing. Testing will provide you with more information on whether a candidate is suitable for the role, or not. There are a number of different testing methods which we will discuss in this blog. We will also look at why testing is important to your recruitment selection and how GB Solutions can help.

Different methods of testing for your recruitment selection

Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are often seen by our IT Recruitment Specialist Joe Lyons. He will frequently ask IT candidates to complete an aptitude test. This is so he can see if they’re right for the role and hold the relevant skills needed.

This type of test will assess the candidate’s ability at a certain skill, such as coding.

Skills tests

Skills tests such as literacy and numeracy will assess how well and how quickly candidates can complete projects. In Marketing, Sue Waters, often finds that her candidates are required to complete tests. This is to make sure their writing and creative abilities are what the client is looking for. A qualification doesn’t necessarily indicate the right skill level for your particular business

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests look at the attitudes and character of the candidate, usually via multiple choice questions.

Personality tests

Personality tests focus on exactly that, the personality of the candidate. Are they a team player? Are they able to work on their own initiative? These are the things you may ask a candidate. However, a test will enable you to pull out their personality traits and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Medical and physical ability

These tests are common for roles in the police or firefighting but are also important for people in many other sectors. Construction, warehousing, horticulture can all be physically demanding. So, it is useful to know if the candidate has underlying health issues. For many, a test reveals issues that they didn’t know they had. Annual tests may be part of your ongoing wellbeing programme.

Testing potential employees and why this is important to your recruitment selection

By asking candidates to partake in a particular test, it will allow you as the hiring manager, to see how the candidate copes under pressure. It has a truer analysis of a candidate’s personality, and/or, ability to perform at certain tasks, the role as a whole and also how they’ll fit into your company.

It’s easy for candidates to say in an interview they have IT experience, or that they work well in a team but a test can prove it. It’s a really simple way for you to gauge whether or not the candidate is the right fit for your business.

When we use testing for our candidates it allows us to put forward the very best talent. It also provides us with a better understanding of the candidate’s abilities and attributes. Especially during Covid-19, when it is particularly difficult to meet with candidates face to face.

The top 3 reasons why testing candidates is important to your recruitment selection:

How GB Solutions can help….

When we put forward candidates to your business for a job opportunity, we have already taken the time to get to know them. If the role requires, we will ensure that the appropriate testing has taken place and that we only send you quality candidates who are a great fit for the role!

For more information, or to speak to us about our talent bank, be in touch on 01452 412999