Remaining positive during COVID-19

Remaining positive during COVID-19 has been difficult to say the least! And as we enter another lockdown, it is understandable that we may be feeling increasingly anxious.

Working from home can be a great challenge for those who aren’t used to this way of working. So, we’ve put together some of our top tips on remaining positive when working from home. And how to be mindful of your mental health.

Get up at the same time to beat the blues

It can be tempting to stay in bed until 9am, roll out of bed, and log onto your computer. However, if you get up at the same time as you usually would, you will be more motivated, more alert, and definitely more awake!

Fill your time instead of wasting it

If you normally get up at 6.30, this will mean you have 2.5 hours to get ready and log in. Why not go for a run? Read a book? Listen to a podcast? It’s a great way to fill your time, rather than sitting in front of the TV with your cereal down your chin!

Remaing positive by staying active

This brings us to our next point, stay active! It is so so important for your mental health to remain active. Go for that 7 am run, walk your dog on lunch or walk to a shop, do a home workout. Anything you can do to remain active and not be sat at your table/desk all day will help your mental state of mind.

Delete apps to prevent anxiety

I’ve seen this all over social media since the pandemic began, delete your apps. Delete your news apps, your social media apps, or limit the time you spend watching the news and news shows. Although it is important to stay informed, scaremongering will not help with your anxiety, infact it’ll make it worse.

Remaining positive by taking breaks

You wouldn’t normally sit in the office all day, at your desk, not moving and not talking to anyone. So take breaks! Make yourself a coffee, take your lunch break, and most importantly stand up and move about.

Make a whatsapp group to stay intouch!

This is one we have all found helpful at GB Solutions, it’s a way to stay in contact, as a team with everyone you work closely with. As above, you wouldn’t normally sit at your desk all day and not utter a word. So make a group chat where you can discuss work tasks, jokes, and just keep the conversation flowing.

It’s been a tough year…

As we near the end of the year, 2020 hasn’t given us the new chapter we all thought we’d get with the start of a new decade. It has been a tough year for businesses, employees, families and friends. And remaining positive has been a challenge. If we can be of any assistance in finding you work, filling your jobs or giving advice. Be in touch.