The Return of the Counteroffer…

Tess,   16th June 2021

<strong>The Return of the Counteroffer…</strong>
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We’ve all been there, we’ve offered a role to someone who we feel is the perfect candidate, only for them to receive a counteroffer, which they accept! It can be so frustrating, especially the further along in the recruitment process you are. However, there are ways to avoid the counteroffer. One of those ways is to work with a reputable recruitment agency.

In this article we will look at 5 reasons why working with a recruitment agency will help eliminate the counteroffer. And why GB Solutions is the right recruitment agency for you

#1 Deal brokering 🤝

Recruitment agencies are the intermediary between the client and the candidate. At GB Solutions, we’ve built a reputation across Gloucestershire and the South-West and work with new and old clients alike. Some of our clients span back to the very start of GB, over 20 years ago.

When you work with an established recruitment agency, they will often know the type of candidate your business needs, before even you do. They’ll have gotten to know you and your business needs, maybe even providing successful candidates previously.

The recruitment agency takes the hiring process out of your hands, so you can focus on other tasks. With the experience and knowledge successful recruiters have, it is unlikely they’ll put forward anyone who may not be as serious about the role as you’d like to think. Therefore, helping to reduce the acceptance of a counteroffer. A recruitment agency cannot prevent a counteroffer, but they can ensure only serious professionals are put forward for the role.

#2 Offer Negotiations 💰

Recruitment agencies will often get involved in negotiating salaries on behalf of clients and candidates. With careful negotiation skills, an experienced recruiter should be able to help both clients and candidates reach an agreed salary amount. Recruiters will use their expertise to research the market. From the cost of living, the area, and the skills of the candidate. This is to help both client and candidate reach an understanding.

Usually a good recruiter is able to keep both client and candidate happy.

#3 Fact finding 📝

A good recruitment agency will ensure that they complete their own ‘fact finding’ on behalf of their client and candidate. Researching the candidates current position, to ensure they’re not only suitable for the role but that they’re being offered a competitive salary, that is at least in line with the average market rate.

At GB Solutions, where possible, we will put a value on company benefits and bonuses. This makes comparison easy for our candidates. According to recent research, 78% of job seekers would be more likely to apply for a job if the advert mentioned the benefits on offer.

Another ‘fact finding’ exercise we ensure we do is find out the reason why our candidate is looking to leave their current position. This can have a big impact on whether they’re suitable for the role. For example, if it is purely based on salary, they’d be more likely to accept a counteroffer. However, if it is due to lack of career progression, or they’re dissatisfied with management style, they’d be much more likely to reject a counteroffer.

#4 Being in control 🧘

A good recruiter will be in complete control of the whole recruitment process. From the initial advertisement, through to the candidate turning up and being prepared for their interview. It’s important that recruitment agencies remain in control, so that if salary negotiations, or counteroffers are an issue, they can be dealt with swiftly.

At GB Solutions we will always prep our candidates. We’ll ensure they understand fully the nature of the business and prepare them for any hidden surprises. And likewise, with our clients, we will always keep them up to speed with where our candidates are at with their job hunting. This way, we remain in full control of the process, so that we aren’t blindsided at any given moment.

#5 Getting to know the candidate 💬

A recruitment agency will usually have a selection of candidates. If they are a reputable recruiter, they will have forged long-lasting relationships with their candidates. This means that it is highly unlikely the candidate will accept a counteroffer. Recruiters are reluctant to put forward candidates who aren’t serious about the position.

Of course, sometimes Counteroffers are unavoidable, but in most circumstances, recruiters are in a better position than businesses recruiting themselves, as they know their candidates.

Why GB Solutions are the right recruitment agency for you…

At GB Solutions, we have over 20 years recruitment experience, with an emphasis on people, passion and integrity. We’ve seen a lot of change over the past year, as have many businesses. We’ve learnt to adapt and have seen significant success over the past few months.

Find out more about why GB Solutions stands out here.