Our top tips for returning to the office post-lockdown

As lockdown ends and Furlough finishes, many businesses are asking their employees to return to the office. It can be daunting returning to the office post-lockdown, and you may not even want to – LinkedIn have found that over one third of UK workers would prefer to work remotely full-time in the future, almost half (49%) prefer hybrid working, and only 12% want to work full-time from the office.

However, the main consensus we have found is that employees are anxious to return to the office. So, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you…

#1 – Be open and honest with your Line Manager or HR Department

Open and honest communication is the best first step you can take when you return to the office. Your Line Manager, or HR Department should ideally be arranging a meeting with you, to see how you’re feeling. However, if they don’t, take it upon yourself to ask for a catch-up. When you speak with them make sure you’re honest with how you are feeling, that way your Manager can provide you with tailored support to help you transition back into the office.

#2 – Request flexible working

Employers should expect increased requests for flexible working, so don’t be afraid to ask. You have proven you can complete your tasks working from home for the past year and a half, so if it will benefit your mental health and work/life balance, then speak with your Line Manager. It might be that you work from home three times per week, and in the office two times per week. Just ensure whatever you request is reasonable.

#3 – Reinvent your workspace

If working from home has taught us anything, it’s that our workspace is SO important to our productivity levels, and this is no different when you return to the office. So, when you return to the office, ensure your workspace is somewhere you’re happy to work. Make sure your desk is clear and tidy, and feel free to bring in personal items such as plants or photos (depending on company policy). Once you have your workspace to your liking, you should feel more comfortable.

#4 – Take your breaks away from your office space

Make sure you’re taking your breaks away from your desk, or even the office entirely if feasible. It is so SO important that you make sure you 1) take your breaks and 2) make sure your breaks are away from your work space so you can de-stress. You can only concentrate for a certain amount of time so by taking regular breaks you will remain focused and motivated.

#5 – Make time for your wellbeing

A recent study has found that working from home has increased our working hours by 2.5 on average. It is so important to take care of your wellbeing, and creating a healthy work/life balance. This includes a number of things from working hours, to exercise and staying hydrated. You need to put your mental health first to ensure you can perform well in your role.

We hope our top tips help you transition back into the office environment, and if you have any of your own tips we’d love to hear them.