Searching For A Job At Christmas

Getting ahead of the game

So we’re staggering through November and crawling into December. You’re getting to the end of your tether with your current role. You’re not going to stick it out for another year and you’re determined to make a change. We meet so many candidates at that point – really ready for change but somehow not quite able to set to updating their CVs and applying for jobs.

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These are my three reasons why you should get to grips with your CV early:

1.Get ahead of competition – As you pull the wishbone on the turkey roughly 30% of the UK workforce will also be wishing for a new role as soon as the festive celebrations are over. Recruiters will receive a stack of job applications and yours will be one of many sitting in that pile.

If a business is serious about recruiting staff in the New Year, they will certainly be keeping an eye out prior to the Christmas break, so why not get your CV out there and get ahead of the competition. With fewer people submitting their applications, you’ll have more of a chance of being noticed, getting through to the interview stage, and even clinching the deal ahead of the New Year.

2. At this time of year you have got time to research to job market, ask for careers advice, seek out help in crafting and formatting your CVs and meeting with recruiters (specifically us!) After speaking with professionals you may choose to present yourself differently on your CV, change your Linkedin profile, update your social media connections. Preparation takes time and this is the time to do it!

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3. Relax over Christmas – You may be working tirelessly to secure as many job interviews as possible right up until Christmas Day, but if you are successful with an application, you may well be through to second interview stage before the other candidates have even updated their CVs. And don’t forget applying for jobs is a lengthy process PLUS you will have to work your notice period. What seemed like a good idea at Christmas lunch can take till Easter to come to fruition.




So – it’s a competitive market let’s get ahead of the game. Start your application process before the Christmas break, take the time to work on your CV (we’re happy to help!) and you may well land the perfect job ahead of the annual New Year’s fray.

About The Author 

Paul Blower has worked in the rePaul Blower is a Director at GB Solutions, a recruitment agency in Gloucestershire. Paul stands in front of a tree smiling wearing a blue suitcruitment sector for nearly 20 years and is currently a founding Director at 

Paul has dedicated his time to growing the agency over the last 18 years and has experienced all areas of office recruitment. The agency now has five divisions and supported many of the UK’s leading organisations. Away from GB Solutions, Paul supports businesses, people and charities to help them develop their own recruitment strategies Connect with Paul Blower on LinkedIn.