Staying active whilst self-isolating

If you are unable to work from home but you’ve been asked to self-isolate then it can be difficult to think of ways to fill your time. For those looking for some tips on what you could do to stay active and remain positive, we’ve put together a few ideas below:

Update your CV

This is a great opportunity to update your CV, even if you aren’t looking for a new role, it’s good to get down on paper what your role entails. How many of us wait until we are looking for a job to update our CV? I bet we all forget atleast 1 important aspect of our role. If you’re stuggling with your CV then you can give us a call, drop us an email, or follow this link to read our blog “Five great tips on how to write your CV”.

Do a home workout

A lot of social media influencers who are trained professionals are live-streaming and sharing their home workout videos. Just head over to instagram or youtube to find out more. Results with Lucy are running 3 home workouts a week on their instagram live for FREE! This is the perfect opportunity to become a part of a community and keep active. This is great both physically AND mentally.

Phone a friend

Isolation doesn’t mean you have to be lonely, phone a friend. Or, phone a family member, I’m sure we’ve all neglected family members from time to time, nows the time to catch up! You can phone, facetime/whatsapp, the possibilities are endless!

Upload your CV to job boards

If you do decide to update your CV, why not get it out there? You can send it directly to us, or upload it to CV Library, Reed, Total Jobs etc.. and we/they will do the hard work for you. You’ll be contacted about potential job opportunities without having to search yourself.

Listen to a podcast, or read a book

How many of us wish we could read more or have wanted to finally succumb to the podcast hype? Now is your opportunity! Instead of watching TV, stimulate your mind! Read that book you’ve been meaning to read, listen to that podcast your friend told you about. Do something pro-active, it’s a lot better than sitting infront of the TV.

Attend online courses

We’ll be going into a lot more detail about online courses in our next blog. However, do check out online courses that you could attend, it’s a good way to stimulate your brain, whilst learning something new and achieving qualifications.

We hope this helps but overall we hope you #staysafe