Sue’s 1st Birthday

It’s almost a year since Sue came onto the board at GB Solutions and its certainly been a year to remember! We asked Sue a couple of questions about her first year in the hotseat.

Has time gone slowly or quickly since you started?

It seems forever since we signed the contract and I formally took the plunge to become one of the directors. Certainly the days fly by especially as  recruitment is all about speed off the mark but a year ago seems a long time ago and we’ve changed a lot!

What are the biggest differences about stepping up to own a business?

I am of course very blessed having a partner in Mike who takes care of the HR & Finance side of the business. I love being at the coalface but its important to step back and see what’s right for the whole business not just for one desk. In the next few weeks we have some more news to share which I think will broaden our scope and help clients see us in a fresh light.

What changes did you make in your first 100 days?

To me it was important to me that our image reflected our professionalism and the spirit of GB. I think we’re looking pretty smart and hope to get some video work done later in the year so clients get a flavour of life in the office.

With so much online, how do you keep your tech skills up to date?

In reality the posting of jobs and spreading the word through social media has become everyday life. I think maybe the tide has turned and face to face networking is the route that pays most rewards. Being part of Circle2Success and the 2050 vision with GLEP has helped us spread our reach. Our charity work through Cheltenham Challenge, Pied Piper and Macmillan has brought huge benefits. In addition partnering  with Business and Innovation has given us the opportunity to spotlight our specialisms and make sure everyone knows about the 5 divisions. For me its all about the human interaction and getting the online offline!

If you’d like to speak with Sue about career opportunities or her talent pool then call 01452 429905 or email